Natural sleep aids – all in one (my review)

Natural sleep aids are plentiful now. Some are simple, traditional and often effective, such as the herbal ones using Valerian and Hops.

However, sometimes sleep problems are not so simple. For example when we add sleep anxiety into the mix, sleep problems can get words. Worrying about how to go to sleep can ironically prevent us from falling asleep. And then there are those involuntary twitches just as we are dropping off….

Hypnic jerks – what on earth are they?

Although movement in our sleep – turning over, for example – is natural and normal and desirable, those involuntary twitches that jerk us awake just as we are dropping off can be a downright nuisance. ‘Hypnic’ refers to the fact that they occur in that drowsy state that is at the tipping point of getting off to sleep.

Can natural sleep aids help?

So it may be that stronger remedies than the simple ones are necessary. These are most powerful – and economical – when they are expertly blended to appease all these sleep problems.

In other words, natural sleep aids that combine the right ingredients can do the trick. An all in one supplement can help you if you just can’t sleep.

Individually the best ingredients look like this:

Melatonin: a natural sleep hormone: it regulates sleep

5HTP: helps sleep regulation and reduces anxiety

L-Tryptophan: this produces 5HTP. I has an ability to boost serotonin levels. Taking 5HTP derived from tryptophan and also consuming L-tryptophan is an increasingly common treatment. It’s useful for conditions such as sleep disorders and mood problems such as depression and anxiety.

Serotonin – derived from tryptophan – is calming. That’s how supplementing with tryptophan can help control your appetite. It can therefore contribute to easier weight loss or weight maintenance.

Magnesium: can help quiet your mind and relax your muscles. Magnesium often works as a remedy for ‘restless leg syndrome’, where you legs just want to keep moving even though you are tucked up in bed.

Biotin: This is Vitamin B 7, necessary for maintaining appropriate thyroid activity and regulating sleep, hunger, energy, and even pain.

L-Taurine: it works with magnesium to calm your nervous system, improve your overall mood and help you sleep better.

As you can see, the ingredients combine to interrupt that downward spiral of not sleeping, worrying about not sleeping, then not sleeping because of that – and on and on. They work together to:

  • help you go to sleep
  • and help remove the anxiety about sleeping.

I’ve found natural aid to sleep that does just that.

What about those involuntary twitches?

The melatonin as a sleep regulator and magnesium as a muscle relaxant can work together to help you past those hypnic jerks (what a fabulous title).

Falling asleep – naturally

Natural sleep aids

Many people spend a lot of time and a lot of money too buying these supplements individually and taking them in a hit and miss combination. I’ve found a product that combines them all. If you look at the Q and A section on the product page, you will see that the manufacturer has made some suggestions about how to start taking the supplement.

Furthermore,you will see that the ingredients are made from vegetarian and vegan and naturally sources.

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Happy days! – and peaceful nights


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