Memory foam mattress – the winner (my review)

You may remember that one of the considerations of memory foam mattresses was a trade between comfortable support and overheating. This is a problem I’ve heard many times and one I’ve experienced myself.

With the range that I feature below,  the memory foam relieves pressure as it should and there’s a breathable layer on top to give good support and breathability.

Also, the manufacturers have designed the memory foam to draw the heat out of the top layer, ‘leaving you cool and comfortable‘. Two essentials for getting a good night’s sleep.

So I like these mattresses. The manufacturers are Casper. They say it can take a couple of weeks for the mattress to come into its own for its new owner but they give a 100 night trial with free returns should it not suit you, and a 3-year guarantee.

Casper single memory foamAs well as coming up well in our researches, it has been named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2015. It’s also recognised by Forbes, The New York Times and The Independent here in the UK.

And the single mattress was the least expensive of the winners in the UK’s Independent Newspaper reviews.

Is it for you?

Casper say their mattresses are for everyone, which is always risky. They point out that the materials they use are perfectly OK for children and babies. I asked for user comments about the issue of back pain and pregnancy. This was the reply that came very quickly:

“I have not used this mattress while pregnant but have a diagnosed back problem. Since using this mattress I have had no pain and sleep well. That said I have only had it for a month. I took a risk ordering without trying but I am very happy with it.”

Bottom line for these memory foam mattresses:

  • Casper have taken note and overcome possible overheating, saying you will have a cool and comfortable sleep. From their website:
    Question: Does the mattress mould to you? I had memory foam topped mattress so spongy that it restricted my movement enough to wake me when i moved in my sleep.
    Answer from Casper: Thank you for your question! Memory foam provides incredible, pressure-relieving support and is part of what makes the Casper so comfortable.
    But you are right – this is a common complaint about memory foam! We’ve aimed to solve it by layering our memory foam just beneath a breathable, slightly bouncy surface layer that supports your body without moulding around you.
    You can move freely, and it keeps you cool. So you’ll still get the benefits of memory foam without the uncomfortable experience of it.
  • The claim to be perfect for everyone is a little daring but the mattresses have received rave independent reviews.
  • Users give them a high star rating. They confirm the comfort including soothing back pain (but take advice if you suffer from this).
  • And that 100 night free trial and 3-year guarantee is very reassuring, as is the fact that they are stored and dispatched by Amazon.

So see more details for the Single Casper:

Single Casper – 100 Night Trial Sleep | Comfortable – Pressure-relieving Memory Foam with a Springy, Breathable Top Layer | High Quality with Cooling Properties | Single – 90×190

The Double Casper: 

Happy days!